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Life is good :-)
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Fun, honest, caring, loyal, trustworthy, attention whore sometimes, friendly, too honest maybe, outspoken and very very down to earth!
Started going to school again. (Never too old for that if you ask me)
Right now my only interest is going back to school and trying for my accounting degree!
Favorite TV Shows:
Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, X-Files, Glee, The Walking Dead.
Favorite Movies:
I love, love, love Horror Movies. I am, however, a sucker for romantic comedies..lol
Favorite Books:
Hunger Games Series Mercy Thompson Series Sookie Stackhouse Series Rachel Morgan Series Twilight Series Percy Jackson Series (I can thank my nephew for this one :-P)

What I've Been Up To

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    • I forget how much of a pain Yuku can be..grrrr
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    • What the heck is with the Compatible View!!! Keeps turning off and not letting me post..grrrrr
  • ZsNalla buzzed...
    • Why doesn't Yuku just close the inactive communities!!
  • ZsNalla buzzed...
    • Happy Hump Day. Sitting at work, posting on Yuku when I should be working.lol
  • ZsNalla buzzed...
    • Today was a quiet relaxing day. Back to work tomorrow..boooo!
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    • Life is good :-)
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    • I can not believe this site is still up and running..lol I was a member here a few years ago. Everything has changed around here!
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